This is my story…

I was born on a beautiful day in Honolulu, Hawaii. At age 3 the Navy took us to Corpus Christi. Mom decided we needed “Family” when I was about 5 and moved us, sans Dad, to Oklahoma. Family is the Cherokee People. I believe this is the second most wonderful thing she ever did for me. Guess Mom listened to my brother’s complaints though for after a little while we went to California. Then one day Mom said, “Kids, we’re going to Alaska!”

Alaska, what a grand adventure! I lived there 30 years, got an education and raised my son. We homesteaded, fished, hunted and had a great time. When he left for the Army I spent winters in California and summers in Alaska (which is the perfect way to do it!) but alas! I got a good job in California and stayed on.

I’ve done many things to earn a living: chef, secretary, garbage collector. Some of them satisfying, but just jobs. The day I made a necklace I discovered my passion. Bad news? Now I’m Obsessed. Good news? I’m happy. Perhaps my little bit of talent might make others happy too. So, how did I get back to Texas? My son is here…so here I am.

Thanks for your interest in my jewelry. Please contact me via email at .

Dawn Deyo

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Blue Lace Agate & Sterling Brooch

Blue Lace Agate & Sterling Brooch

KAZURI Goddess w/ Chrysoprase & Sow Chow Jade Necklace set

KAZURI Goddess w/ Jade & Chrysoprase Necklace & Earrings