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I do a lot of custom work, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have something to work around like a pendant or if you have a special occasion like a wedding .  I do not work with the on-line payment companies. I prefer to deal directly with my clients. Jewelry is a very personal item and I wish to be sure the piece you buy is a piece you’ll love. Please contact me by e-mail . Payments can be made by money order. All of my pieces are guaranteed for 1 year, if anything should happen to it I will fix it free of labor charges. There may be charges for replacement beads or findings if needed.

Dawn Deyo Designs


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Blue Lace Agate & Sterling Brooch

Blue Lace Agate & Sterling Brooch

KAZURI Goddess w/ Chrysoprase & Sow Chow Jade Necklace set

KAZURI Goddess w/ Jade & Chrysoprase Necklace & Earrings