Jewelry for the Soul…

Osiyo, (Salutations in Cherokee)

I believe the way my people (and many people) believe, in the Great Spirit, God if you prefer… that all things (you, me, plants, animals, stone) ALL things are the ONE thing, the God thing and that each thing has its power according to its purpose. For this reason I use natural materials whenever possible so that the impact of a piece on the wearer is imparted not by it’s beauty alone but also by the stones and metals that may bestow beneficial effects on the body and soul. With each piece of jewelry I create I keep in mind the Great Spirit. Especially the female aspect, for I believe women are Strong. The Sioux call her White Buffalo Calf Woman, the Christians, Mary. The stones of the earth are hers. Her numbers 3,5,9.

Her power is our heart.


Thank you

Ugitsisgv Dawn

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Blue Lace Agate & Sterling Brooch

Blue Lace Agate & Sterling Brooch

KAZURI Goddess w/ Chrysoprase & Sow Chow Jade Necklace set

KAZURI Goddess w/ Jade & Chrysoprase Necklace & Earrings